How safe is HDFC netbaning.

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I was about to activate Third Party Transfer on my account, but after reading some stories on the net, about how people were scammed, I am in two minds.

Why i feel its unsafe:
* ICICI uses dynamic security, ie. SMSes the transaction password to your cell phone. HDFC has no such arrangement.
* No special characters allowed in password. Even my Gmail password is safer.
* Minimal support from technologically backward police if something does go wrong.

On the Flip side:
* Third party fund transfer would be really useful to me.

Does anyone here actively use HDFC net banking. What has your experience been? How do you feel about the security measures in place?


Bond, Desi Bond!
It depends on how safe your PC is :)

I have been using it for couple of months and I never felt afraid


Tux Fan
Im not exactly stupid.
And very careful with security.

So i guess i have little to fear right?

Thanks for your inputs.


Broken In
^^^ good suggestion, + close other tabs,windows when doing so, never respond to any spam mail related to anything from ur personal PC, have a good free anti virus s/w installed and updated, strictly avoid in public computers..if you follow these rules then you have a very very little chance of bad happenings...

btw i'm too lazy to follow them all :p , so i just prefer to use it on my office compter, which is rather most secure thing I can get...
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