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How popular u are?

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Just post how popular the person above you is to u...........


In Pursuit of "Happyness"
^^ Google loves me :D Most of my blog posts are also #1 for very common keywords :p


die blizzard die! D3?
^^lol,seriously it looks like you are the only 'kalpik' in this whole world.Are you really kalpik(literally) or for real?,heh.


Šupər♂ - 超人
Hmmm... how popular am I? Ask the others :twisted:
Google results 4.5k+... but then almost all of them r urs truly....
Not bad for a person who never strayed much from this forum :D

"Kalpik" means "storehouse of knowledge"
Devil of the Event Horizon... bachpan mein our moderater here used to always be asked to lift the phone when it rings... so... he got named CallPick :twisted:

Bad joke.... at ur xpense bro.. kalpik... but i just couldn't resist it :D no bad vibes....
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