how often do u guys format and reinstall your OS


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I used to format my pc and reinstall os every month :grin:.....but Now its 6 months since my last OS reinstallation....and everything seems to be going fine now....:grin:
So how often do u guys reinstall the OS on ur pc.:)


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I don't like reinstalling anymore. Only during major version releases for Ubuntu.

Installed Ubuntu 10.10 after a long one year gap.


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Win+R > cmd > type systeminfo|find/i"install date" , hit enter.
i got this result:

Loading Operating System Information ...
ERROR: Class not registered.

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when i was using windows Xp i use to reinstall every month, but now with windows 7 its been 4 months now :p


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I don't know why should I format and re-install my OS? Well haven't done it in a year or more, I forgot basically.

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running windows 7 ultimate & haven't formatted in the last 6 months..


For me too.Win 7 ultimate 64 bit.No reinstalls after that.I am using avast 5 home as antivirus.


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I used to install XP almost every 4th day before i started using windows 7 in may/april last year. yeah i was learning and was nuts too. 7 i install once a month or so. still nuts?


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My primary machines hardly ever face any reinstallation.

Old machine: Windows XP since 3 years. Ubuntu since 2 years.

Laptop: Windows 7 and Ubuntu running since I installed them a year ago. Arch was wiped off and reinstalled by me a couple of times.

Mac mini: Snow Leopard running since I bought my Mac and Windows 7 too. (1 year ago)
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last week, got a virus from my computer lab and i had turned off my AV. tried two different online scans but no difference, ultimately had to format and reinstall.


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I used to format my pc and reinstall os every month

every month...then u must remember the OS CD-Key..lolz....

Well i formatted my pc 2months back with Windows 7 x64...& m happy dat
its free from boot file corruption as in XP....


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in Office I am using ubuntu from last 1 year, no re installation only upgraded to 10.10 :)

in home I hardly reinstall, becoz. I use imaging concept, which is far better than reinstalling. system will be ready in 10 minutes!! with all the required applications installed :)
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