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how much 4 this??and wat to buy??

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following are the things i m gonna sell,so temme how much i shud expect for the following things:-
1-Amd 64 3000+ (win 939)
2-MSI RS480 mobo
3-256*2 hynix 333Mhz ram
4-Creative inspire 4.1
5-80GB Seagate Baracuda HDD
As i m selling these things so i will b going for almost a nu rig.guide me wat i shud take.Proc,Mobo,Ram,Speakers,HDD,GPU,UPS,PSU...my budget is arnd 55k..including wat eva i m gonna get from the above things.
Shud i wait for the new intel conroe,is it worth waiting?


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I got following rig for 54k.

Amd 64 3200+
Asus A8N-e
Xfx geforce 6600gt 256mb ram
Altec Lansing Vs3151R
160gb hitachi Sata-II
Samsung Sync Master 798MB plus
Logitech kb and microsoft mouse
APC Back-UPS 650


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Well, ur current rig isnt bad at all (considering i m on P3)
I s'pose u may(I am waiting ;) ) wait for Conroe( it would cost arnd 25k at the time of release) <br> even if u dont like Intel and wanna go for AMD, then wait till July-august so that u can buy the new AM2 socket mobo's for AMD which allow RAM s'port over 4 GB as well.
In no case would it be wise to get a new rig at this point of time.


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remember ever newer product comes with extra premium price. and if you are in india your wait will be much more.(calculate your waiting time base on from where you are going to buy. e.g your city or online)
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yep u should wait for intel conroe and the am2 .. no pint in getting a new rig as of now .. am2 will be launched this month itself and conroe in another 1-2 months. dont rush up your decision .. ur present rig is decent enough for u till u are going to wait .

what i suggest is u buy a good GPU now .. see the gpu can be used with your upcoming new rig also and u can easily wait for all the time u want till u buy a new rig as the gpu will increase the video perfomance of your current pc tremendously over the onboard vga.

get a good high end gpu for now and game hard till the new proccys are launched n available.

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