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How late do you recieve your Subscribed copy

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Broken In
I am really upset by the logistics of DIGIt. Most of the times it is second week of the month. Can you imagine the pain of looking new DIGIT at magazine vendor but cannot buy because you have already subscribed to it and you are supposed to wait for it.

I have made decision that, no more subscription to Digit, this way I can either purchase it on the first week of month or not depending upon the contents.

Do DIGIT people really think that we will wait for 2 weeks just to save few bucks. I do not think so. Whoever buys DIGIT is not for money. You can get all the details on internet itself. It is Just to save the time to browse the internet for all the details.

What do you think guys?


I receive my copy around 10th of every month..and that too after making few calls.

Last month I got on 13th of the month..and that too after making 6-7 calls.

I wrote about this to help@jasubhai.com also..but they didn't reply.


dig_boy_dig,dig !
Yet not received, usually I received on 5/6 day of every month, if the magazine is despatched through BLUEDART Courier.


Web Junky 2.0
I am trying to call the two numbers of Digit circulation persons for Chennai since 20 Nov. But the phone rings and no one replies. I am tried to call Digit phone numbers but they are out of service. Today by chance one person in Chennai received the call and replied that they will send it today. waiting...
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