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How Is Honda CBF Stunner ??

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Hi guys ...

I am looking to buy a Bike in near future for Daily usage (around 45-55 Km Daily) . So I need a bike with acceptable mileage i.e. >50, Good Ergonomics, Good Handling and Good Looks too. So the new Honda Stunner fits the bill perfectly in my view. Have anyone here in the forum got any first hand experience of this bike ? Is it a worthy bike for its price (approx 55k onroad).

All suggestions and Comments are Welcome.


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yeah even i wanted to know the same thing. Checked it out at a Honda showroom.. looks good ..just like a real sports bike. but its 125cc so if ur fine with that then seems like a good buy coz Honda bikes are generally maintainence free.

But i dont think anybody must be having any hands on experience coz its just launched i guess.


I Rode the . Perfect sports bike Riding Position actually Damn good coz ur tummy is on the tank and u get the full control on the handle (As iam tall) and Gergoes frm back side . The back light just looks like a rear Under seat Muffler its cool and Smooth refined and Tweaked Shine engine Pretty Responsive And i shudnt forget the tyres gives u Damn Confidence and Turns r As Simple as u think ! (thanks to the Riding position too) .
Cons : NO TACHO !
As Its a Full Sports look like the the Engine Shud hav been Coloured Smoke Black

But I recently also Rode the discover Dtsi 135 Gud bike Fat Tyre and 7-6 kmph faster than Stunner but I really Dont like the Looks
Dont Think again go for the STUNNER not only it looks kool its also a cool bike to Play with ;)
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