How I can Merge VOB files in one CD

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Dear friends
I recorded some event from my DV cam and directly and copied on my hard drive from cd it has VOB extension I want to merge it and want to make it visiable from DVD player how can I merge all in one CD and make it visiable from DVD player .

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see u havnt given full info or u might hv mistaken somewhere..cuz....if u hv copied them from more than one cds.with more than 700mb size u better go for dvds...and yeah of corse u can join the separate clips...what it seems u hv recorded from ur cam.teh esiesway is thru moviemaker...and other sp[ecialised options are their too..then i think u know how to proceed to join em all a one vob. :) hope this will solve..


join vob files usin VobEdit 0.6

burning vob files on2 a CD, hmmmmmm!!!!
actually in a DVD player wen ud put in a CD, d CD info wud make d player either luk 4 *.dat files of divx [if ur player supports]

dunno if it wud luk 4 other file formats

u cud try usin Vobrator

sum1 had told me lonnnnnnnng time back about dis and dat it did sumthin like dat
[not sure if it duz tho]


Thanks for reply , I want merge some clips in one dvd/cd and want it visiable on TV frm cd/DVD player I need merging software


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ashampoo burning studio allows this. there is an option: Burn Video DVD from already prepared folder. u can try it. It has worked for me.
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