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How does URL in Post get converted to title.


Techno Freak
After some Post here, i was really facinated by the thing that , after posting any commnets and post which contains any url.

that Post's Url is converted to Page title of referring page and url is not Visible but is clickable...

how does it work??? i try finding out on GOOGLE but not got any good way..

Can any body help me???

Like this
Samsung tablet ban: What Apple may have to reveal - The Times of India

Above i just copy pasted url and it converted it into page title....


You can manually set your desired name to url. Follow it
replace "{" with "["

{url=you url}desired url name{/url}


Cyborg Agent
1. Get the HTML of the URL to a javascript object
2. Get the Title of the page from the <title> element.


Techno Freak
this means i have to extract all page details and store in Javascript Object.
and just to extract title of page from object

but here in this forum ,it seems to be happening so quick that i don't think there is complete page load from 3rd party and save only title :(

i have to try....


Honestly even I don't know but what is fascinating is how people are misinterpreting OPs query.

However the same doesn't happen to goo.gl and bit.ly links.
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