how check if my DVD riter can boot from DVDs or not?

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hi , i recently got a Lite-on dvd riter., nd tried the new fedora core 32 bit dvd installer., which was bootable. but the dvd doesnt boot and proceeds 2 start windows., when i asked the delear, he said that the drive could boot from dvds. now how do i verify this, or has he duped me?

urgent help req.



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All drives can boot from DVD's. It's the DVD that should be bootable.

Most probably your PC is configured to boot from the hard disk before the DVD drive. Go to the BIOS and set the DVD drive to boot before the hard disk. Save change and reboot. Problem should be solved.


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just chekc this..
goto bios whn ur pc start by pressing 'del' or 'f2' (shows what to presss to goto bios when ur pc starts, on screen)

then check first boot device...
set ur DVD drive to 1st boot device...
then insert bootable CD in it (test by outing XP bootable) and setup must run...

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