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How 2 convert avseq.dat files to mpeg/rm/avi???

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How 2 convert avseq.dat files to mpeg/rm/avi???
guys, i have many vcds, in which all files are in avseq.dat format, which take up considerable anount of space when copied to harddisk, so is there any software which can convert the avseq.dat files to mpe or rm or avi?


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you can use virtual dub ( a free open source utility) to encode mpeg files to divx or other mpeg4 compression provided the proper codec installed. For divx install DivX Create Bundle or for XVid install XVid codec. THese are standard mpeg4 codecs and can be playable in most DVD/DivX players. You can easily convert a 2 CD movie to around 500MB with minimum loss of quailty.


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*.dat and *.mpeg1 are generally of same size. only there is name difference.
if you want to save hard disk space convert into DIVX format


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asham,poo movie shrink n burn and nero vision(4 direct writing) r the best
Also try power video converter


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If you want to convert use VCD gear..(google for the link )
if you want to encode use virtual dub or imTooDVD ripper for .vob with proper codes installed.
Best code is XviD or VP7 ..
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