Horn NOT OK Please


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Horn NOT OK Please
How do you feel driving on the roads? Road rage? Do you often feel like slapping the morons on the road? Do you end up blaring the horn at people who stop in the middle of the road?

Last year this was my situation. I was losing my patience and was cursing, showing middle finger to other drivers etc.

Then one fine day I decided to try an experiment. I decided to use the horn only when absolutely necessary or just as a single short beep to inform but not a blare to intimidate.

After one year, I have to say that I am now much more peaceful on the road. I also seem to be driving safer. My driving times have not suffered significantly. And I say that this experiment is a success!

Just try this for 1 week and see the difference for yourselves.

1. Use horn only to indicate your presence not to ask for way. In India nobody gives way even to ambulance let alone you. If you plan to overtake, bide your time and once you see an opportunity pull out and then beep once, (pray to your god if you are the believing type) and go. If you indicate earlier you are liable to be blocked!

2. If some bus has stopped on the road blocking your path while it is picking up passengers, just wait until it moves again. Blowing your horn will not make the bus move any earlier.

3. If a few vehicles ahead of you are moving slowly or stopped, blowing horn continually is not going to make the cause go away any sooner. Just wait until the cause clears and traffic starts moving again.

4. While waiting at a signal and the person ahead is slow to move as soon as the light turns green, probably you will delay it further by distracting him with your horn.

5. When holy cows or dirty pigs are blocking your path, just tune into your favourite FM station and wait. If required just do a short beep.

If you follow these, you will be calmer and more able to make use of opportunities to get ahead thus actually saving time otherwise lost blaring horn.

Please do try this and tell me if it worked.


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I would like to urge EVERY ONE who drives on road to read this thread.

Seriously, what you said is absolutely correct. Your horn is not going to do anything, except annoy other people and make the matter worse. About that fact about people not giving space even to ambulance .. here is your proof:

So just shut up that darn horn and use it just show your presence where required.


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+1 to this post. And also most if the people who honk a lot are dumb and dont know how to drive. Like there's a traffic jam up ahead but they still honk ( and i troll them if they are just behind me :p )


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Majority of Indians= Rude.
No wonder they behave like this in roads.
Most of them honk it continuously or with small interval.
It feels like I have done some serious crime.


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It's a much much bigger problem than people can imagine. Many times I don't go out thinking that morons will be driving the roads. Who will mess with their carelessness. This all comes down to discipline. The problem with public is they don't realize that they are driving on public roads, sharing space with others. Such attitude is deeply entrenched in the genes of Indians that you need a stick to get hold of them like the britishers did. I bet people would make space for a politician vehicle more frequently than an ambulance. Just look at the number of people die everyday because of road accidents in india & you will be shocked!


i only read a little.

My bike does not have a horn
I am very calm while driving

My advice, take someone along with you and keep complaining :p
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