Will honor 10 be the best choice and satisfy all my cravings for a unique camera feature phone??

  • Yes it would

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • No,it would not

    Votes: 10 58.8%

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Wait... My usage includes playing CoC & my friend with OP6 plays PUBG. So our usage is heavier than yours :p

Yeah,CoC is known battery hog though I don't know about PUBG. I have never played it.Still using a smartphone without charging for 3 days feels good previously I was using zenfone 3 with its 2600 mah battery I was able to get 6 hrs of SOT over 18hrs usage and now I am getting 3 days:)


The Honor 10 is easily the better-looking handset with its curved glass build and vibrant colours. The Phantom Blue superbly changes colours when light falls on it from different angles.
What's the point when a case would cover the back to protect from scratches and drops?


As I said earlier the 100 euro difference between OP6 & Honor 10 helps Honor 10 a lot in EU. Same isn't the case here in India & with Asus 5Z, Honor 10 sales should drop drastically.
Honor View 10 also eats into Honor 10 sales because despite being priced same, it is better.


I am using OP6 and it has amazing battery life with heavy usage(browsing for 2:30min) I get around 8 hrs of SOT with always on mobile data and if I use my phone for calling,Youtube and tv shows then I am getting 12hrs of SOT :emoji_scream: over three day usage.I am on stock oxygen ROM and have not done any tweaks to improve battery life but I don't have any battery hog apps on my phone maybe that is the reason why I am getting this insane battery life.

Overnight I lose only 2% of battery

I think SD845 ,AMOLED panels and near stock Oxygen OS are way more energy efficient than older SOC,LCD panel and heavily modified EMUI
Never expected 12 hrs SoT for a 3300 mAh battery. GG oneplus for stock rom optimisations.


That's too low to be expected from Huawei, but a launch price of 28-30k would have helped it initially. Apparently, they were selling it for 30k during the last sale but I doubt people will choose it over Asus 5Z easily.
Yea, Asus 5z is better with Sanpdragon 845.
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