Hibernation - a n/w issue

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We have a lot of PC's in the n/w for different users. The anti-virus etc are programmed to be updated during night. Now there is a thought that if we go for hibernation , we can save a significant amount of power.

There is a view that if a machine is infested and switched on later, some viruses have a far higher tendency to spread into n/w while booting. In this context, is hibernation same or safer?

Ideally we are looking at power saving while retaining the current amount of safety.

All pointers are welcome.


Turn of indexing service and system restore service if not using USB try to disable USB from the bios or windows. U can also set the pc monitor to shut down if not used for some period of time same like u can use system to go in standby mode if not used for specific period of time and use Lcd monitor this help in saving the bill . Use good antivirus which use small amount of system resouces like ESET NOD32

For safety make a ghost image of the hard disk or the partition like if u installed windows in C drive only make ghost image of C drive.
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