Hi New guy just reg'd

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Hi ppl.
i just reg'd in this forum.
I wanna know some info bout PC Configs.

1stly which is a better Processer : AMD 64bit or intel P4 dualcore. Also is AMD 64bit a dualcore? What are their speeds. I kno the P4 is 2.66dual but what is the AMD's speed?

Also is DDR2 ram any different from DDR ram? And is it worthwhile?

I Want to know a good gaming pc config for say 35k
I have gotten this from a vendor in andheri

P4 dual 2.66
some ASUS motherboard
128mb nvidia or ati gpu
512 ram ddr
and sm other keyboard n mouse stuff like 17" screen and cabinet etc etc

Please suggest A GOOD GAME PC CONFIG.
Also tell me the diffrence of AMD and INTEL Processers

My current pc is
celeron 1.7 [was P4-1.7 but was now workin so got replaced]
HIS motherboard support intel processers[read n typed from box{is brand new} ]
TNT2 gpu [was latest thn]
256 ddr ram
other things onboard
Laser mouse samsung
Keyboard logitech
Samsung Syncmaster 17" monitor

And lastly
When I start my PC the Nvidia tnt2 name comes, below it is written 32.0mb which is my Vram, right?
is its 32.0 mb thn why does my dxdiag[DierctX] show in video section only 16mb of ram?
I have WinXP Prof.
Please answr me questions.


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@ 35k u will get a good gaming rig. but then i think u sud wait for the directx 10 version of graphic cards. i vote 4 amd, ddr2 is obviously better. regarding speeds of amd u can refer to their website. anyother help jus feel free to ask. dont go for branded pcs.
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