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Hero Honda Roadies-Hell Down Under Winner

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Finally Nauman is the winner of this years Hero Honda Roadies-Hell Down Under.
He proved himself in the final against Kiri.
But from my point of view Kiri is the winner B'coz he selected Nauman insted of Palak who was less compititive then from him for the final task.
Also the task was also very difficult and both Kiri and Nauman proved themself to be the finalist.
Congratulation to Nauman for winning Hero Honda Roadies-Hell Down Under & 3,60,000 Rs.
But Kiri, As you say you are the "ULTIMATE RODIE" & you are the true "WARRIOR".


Broken In
Roadies and that Splitzvilla(?).. can't stand them. Would rather gulp down poison than watch these stupid "reality" shows. Should be renamed as "b!tching" shows. All i ever see is people b!tching about other people. And these shows have avid fan following! I'm truly amazed/shocked!


Broken In
Roadies has devolved into a useless piece of ****. The tasks are dumb. Like the Zorbing one. It was a ****ing gentle slope. Anyone could have done it. They should make the tasks more challenging, like the AXN Fear Factor ones. Now THOSE are called shows.

@Coool: They actually have cameramen there, with all their equipment, cameras, microphones and all other ****. So, obviously the behaviour of the contestants is not real, it is rather artificial.


Somebody stop me...
f*ck splitsvilla.. its $hit.. roadies is better .. just watched this season.. tasks were dumb.. but it was fun.. good time pass


Evil mind
This show roadies is crap and all the results are fixed. This show is just like one of those wannabe shows, indian idol, popstars,... Even the tasks on the show are a joke. Just take a look at the one where they were put in a mud pit with a croc. In fact the croc was actually a baby croc, no it appeared more like a baby lizard to me. Also The contestants always appear to be intentionally scheming and fighting with each other to make the show more dramatic so as to generate more TRP. Only contestants with an "outward & flamboyant" nature are allowed to remain. The others with a introvert and not so stylish nature are voted out even though they may be excellent at their tasks. It's surprising that a contestant called "Palak" remained so long on the show, that's bcoz she was nothing but a drama queen which was really what the channel wanted. U may argue that recently a dabbhawala became a roadie. That was just the channel's ploy to get audiences other than the normal college crowd to watch the show. So if u really want an adventure show, watch AXN's fear factor.
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