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Help with New Year Gaming Rig


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Sukesh, I think Sumon was suggesting OP to get a 970G chipset based motherboard along with a cheap graphic card as OP just confirmed that he is gonna buy a temporary GPU. In fact it is a good idea as 970 chipset motherboards offer little extra features and performance compared to the 880 chipset.

Future, if you wanna a cheap but good quality monitor then get the
NZXT Source 210 Elite @ 2.4K.
NZXT Source 210 Elite White Steel with painted interior ATX Mid Tower Computer Case w/ Black Front Trim

If you want a cheap graphics card for now then change the motherboard to a AMD 970 chipset based one.

Here is my suggestion:
Asus M5A97 Motherboard @ 6.8K
AMD Motherboards - TechShop.in - Buy Tech Online Now!!!
XFX HD 4650 1GB DDR2 @ 2.45K
Flipkart: XFX AMD/ATI Radeon HD 4650 1 GB DDR2 Graphics Card (Radeon HD 4650): Graphics Card


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Thanks for help everyone

i have finally decided to go with x6 phenom 1090t , because after searching on net , i found that you need to update asus m5a97 mobo with am3 chip installed , then after update am3+ cpu works on the mobo . I dont want to get into all the update trouble , its better to go with phenom x6.

I today enquired smc and they told me phenom is out of stock ,so i am gonna finalise order in a day or two from other online shops.

Prices of items inclusive of shipping.

Final rig.

Amd phenom x6 1090t - 9100

Asus m5a 97 - 7150

Gskill ripjaws 4gb - 1675

Nzxt guardian 921 RB- 4950

Seasonic sII 620W - 4750

Lg 21.5 inch full hd led - 8500(buying locally )

Keyboard +mouse -800

Asus dvd writer -1100

Ups- 2000 (buying locally)

His 6450 - 2500

Total - Rs 42525

Final thoughts plz...


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buy a better UPS. at 2k you'll get APC 600VA which is fine for your current rig. add a powerful card later & it may fail to give any backup.


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future, IMO you should get a higher wattage PSU. PSU is the thing which is gonna last longest in your rig and enables you all kind of future upgrades. Get the Corsair GS700 @ 5.2K.


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@cilus , ok gs700 also done.

So ups & psu changes , everything else same ?

So final rig confirmed . I will place order tomorrow.


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op says fx 8120 is 1k cheaper but I think i5 2500K is cheaper from price point of view & in gaming benchmarks i5 2500K crushed 1100T/1090T/fx 8120 badly especially at unlocked mode.


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@nilgtx , i2500k prices are 13k+ online and its not available locally here. If i were there in kolkata , i would have grabbed it lol at 11k price .

Guys i have ordered seasonic s2 750w psu , i think it will suffice my needs.


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@nilgtx, you can buy 2500K from Kolkata and ship it to future. That will be a real help...:):)
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