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help with goflex home NAS


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i have a seagate goflex home nas with transmission to use it as a 24x7 torrent downloader. the problem is it can't connect to any trackers. I tried to open the default port of transmission (51413) on my belkin router (F7D1401v1) but when i test with transmission it reports the port is closed check my firewall settings. what settings do I need to change?


Whenever you open up a port an IP address(static) is associated with it.

eg: Suppose i want to use torrent(59876) on my pc. This is what I will do:
1) Setup static ip for my pc []
2) Open router interface, port forwarding.
Forward 59876 to

Check if you are forwarding to the NAS's IP adress and not your PC.

Sorry if the port is very generic but I have no idea about how much you know and what already you have done so I gave u the general idea.


Broken In
i have done port forwarding on the router, but on the nas it still says port is closed. do i have to change any settings on the nas?
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