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Help!! Windows starts only in safe mode!

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my friend's laptop is not booting into windows normally, instead it is booting into safe mode automatically. even if i select start windows normally or last known good configuration, it still boots into safe mode only. i have tried system restore, clean boot but the problem is still there. now, if i select safe mode it works normally and goes into safe mode. i am typing this in the same laptop by booting into safe mode with networking as i don't have my computer with me at present. as you know, in safe mode you are almost screwed as you even can't play music (os is vista home premium). i would like to add that if i select normal boot, i can see the windows boot screen (gui) but the login screen after that shows the safe mode login screen. but if the select safe mode, i get a non-gui boot screen (the way it should be). i guess is that logonui.exe file is screwed, not sure though. i know that os repair is an option but i don't have the vista disc with me at present. i, however, have another laptop now from where i can copy the logonui.exe file but i am not sure how to replace this without making the laptop crash as it is a protected system file. or am i totally wrong and is the problem elsewhere? heck, i can't even run a virus scan in safe mode as kaspersky cannot be run!

ps. i contacted microsoft also regarding this but the tech was clueless and kept on pressing me for an os repair, even after telling him for a thousand times that i don't have the discs! he however, told me to run a system file check (sfc /scannow) which resulted in the following info:

Windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

Details are included in the CBS log in the CBS.log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log.

i have tried to access the log file but it is not opening at all. notepad kinda hangs.

please help as there is a lot of data in this laptop which my friend (and me too) doesn't want to loose.


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I think you need to take a Live CD of say Knoppix, and mount the Windows partition and replace the corrupted files.
If you don't have the clean copy of that file, I think you may ask someone in the forums to upload it.
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