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Help to buy a rig and a few queries

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Count Dracula

Buyed one last in 2004.Budget is 35k, can increase a BIT.Need everything.Processor to mouse.I know there's an individual thread for this,but it's not updated since a while so,I'm asking here.

So yeah,got some queries too.

1) I've never before assembled a pc.I've read few guides on building stuff and I'm feeling quite confident.But mommy ain't allowing me to build myself.
So the main problem is that I have to consult that assembling guy.Now what if I need a Dell monitor.I called him and said I need those specific parts which I would ask for.
2)Can a quad along with other stuff be fit in this budget?.Or can I use my previous parts.Mine is a P IV 1.76ghz,256mb ram(hyundai/hynix),17'' monitor (LG 700E),some iball speakers,some crap gfx card (Nvidia Riva TNT2 model 2)
3)Will I need a fan?


Broken In
First, Even I'm gonna be building my first rig soon and I think there is always a start. If you never try it, you'll never know if you can. Second, a quad will cost a nice 10K nearly right now so that'll really squeeze your budget - you can use the monitor and the speakers but everything else is pretty outdated - try selling it on the cheap. And finally, if you get a good cabinet, no need for extra fans.

So here is what I recommend: I don't know much about AMD's line up of processors so someone else can recommend a cheaper and equally good setup with AMD.
Processor: Intel E8400 - 8.5K
Motherborard: Abit P35E - 5.5K
RAM: Trancend 800MHz 2X1GB - 2K
Gfx Card: Palit 9600GSO - 6.8K
Hard Disc: WD 320GB - 3K
Cabinet: Zebronics Antibiotic - 2K
DVD RW Drive: Sony 170S 20x - 1.5K
PSU: Corsair VX450W - 3.5K
UPS: APC 500VA - 2.3K
Keyboard Mouse: get a Logitech Combo for 650 bucks.


Count Dracula

Fine, I'll try using this monitor until it screws up,Don't need a UPS,electricity doesn't go off here.2.3k saved :D.Can use current keyboard and mouse too lol,is quite new.650 bucks saved.Do I really need Corsair?Won't Powersafe,Zebronics etc be enough?.I'll use the current DVD RW too,working quite well.6.1k saved :DDDD for now lol.

I'll be asking that guy how much will he charge for assembling and stuff,will learn overclocking.If I do,I can get e2160,right?.Actually I have been using a this pile of crap since so long, its like I am more sticking to less powerful rigs.I actually don't need that much of stuff (Corsair,9600GSO,E8400).I don't exactly even know what this rig will be used for.Just like its getting too old,and upgrading for the sake of upgrading lol.Can save quite a few bucks if I get a kinda less powerful rig.AMD options are welcome :D.I think little bit of gaming for me xD,8600GT > 9600GSO ( Not in terms of power,but in terms of my requirement).Also recommend a printer ;D,there's a diff budget for it,don't include it in those 35k.
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