help:resetting bios password

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pls help urgent
Anybody pls help me how to
reset a BIOS password without
removing cabinet cover.


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May be there is a JP2 jumper which can reset the bios settings, jut see where it is in the manual provided with motherboard.

I dont know without opening cabinet...... but it can be easily done by removing BIOS battery for a while and again putting it back.
Hey Guys,
I think Flashing the BIOS might solve the problem.
what do u ppl say?
Just download the latest BIOS for ur board from manufacturer's website.
follow the instructions, and flash ur BIOS..
I guess it will reset ur password too.


This trick worked with my pentium 2.

Open the cabinet
Find the battery on the motherboard. [Button Cell > It a little bigger than a Rs 5 coin.]
Remove the battery and leave your PC for some hours.

Put the battery back in and your BIOS password should be reset.

P.S. Dont forget to disconnect all power supplies to the CPU.
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