help Required Nokia DKU5 cable from 3rd Party

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I recently purchased a non NOKIA DKU5 cable for my new NOKIA 3120 model . Now the original being priced at 4 times , the 3rd party cable from PRodigy cost me Rs 600 .

Now the cable is not working . Apart from compatibility issues [as told is Oxygen Phone Manger 2.4 help ] does I have to solve any driver issues to use it ,so that the NOkia PC suit software can recognise the phone connected .

Qs :

1. Pls tell me the full procedure to use a non KOIA data cable DKU 5 with a nokia phone to sync with a PC .

2. Is there anybody who can share is experience of using non Nokia data cable to connect the phone


i had a nokia 7250 and bought one of these non nokia cables from

it connected to the serial port of my pc and i searched all over the net but i couldnt find ne way of using it wid da nokia pc suite. wen i tried it wid oxygen, it didnt work properly then finally i found this software called MobiMB...something...(look on google) and i could use it to transfer images, tones, app n games. for syncing i used an infrared dongle (costs around 700 bux).

also for using gprs, u cant use dat cable u need an orig or infrared or blutooth.

if ur fone has blutooth, i would suggest buying a blutooth dongle instead of an infrared one 4 ur pc.


you have to download DKU-5 drivers first.
they are available from nokia site and work even with non nokia data cables.
First uninstall any drivers you have installed. Remove the cable from PC. restart the PC.
Now first install the drivers you have downloaded. in the installation it will ask it cannot detect the cable if you have cable please plug in now. At that time plug the cable in the usb port and continue installation. You can also simply ignore this message and finish the installation. After that you need to restart the PC. Now keep the data cable connected. On windows startup it ill detect the new cable and will ask for drivers ( yes again), this time let windows search for best driver and now it will detect the proper drivers. this will happen 1 more time after it detects cable, there too let it search for drivers.
The driver installation file puts the drivers in System32 directory. It dosent actiually install them so you need to let windows search for drivers after restart andnot again try to install drivers yourself again.


if the cable isnt USB, then the DKU5 drivers wont work on it and these local made cables are normally serial, not usb so i dont think the nokia drivers dku5 drivers will work.


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Thanks a lot for ur replys, it a non Nokia boxed pack USB DKU-5 cable cost Rs 600 . The problem lies here,

after i install the drivers usb-to-serial bridge and the usb driver itself (from Prolific ) the USB cable when pluged in shows being undetected.
Now even after the driver installation is complete , the softwares cannot recognise the phone connected .

Now in the help section of Oxygen Phone Manger it is written that Nokia have introduced a new firmware blockage so as to prevent the usage of non nokia data cables in new models .

Can this be affecting my Nokia 3120 . Pls help
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