help required forward pc port to android to setup web server


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I use a lg p500 3g cell phone on tata docomo in up west , i use tethering mode to run net on pc since i have been working on webservers i want to host my website on net for which i have to forward my pc port say
to my android like we do. it in modem or pc routers please help me , i have tried portforwarder andrid app but it is not working i guess due to improper setting i want tp forward pc port ( local.port ) to ip so if any one enter my ip my webpafe opens up...please help


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If you are connecting to a direct connections like wired/wireless via PC i can help you how to port forward on Router or ISP modem. Since you are using Tethered Android Internet, this link may help you

Android Usb Port Forwarding - CodeProject

Give a try, but it is strictly not recommended to open a port worldwide through a tethered phone to PC connection
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