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i am gonna buy hosting plan form host24 , but it accepts only paypal

i dont have a credit card !

but i have HDFC and SBI online bank accounts

Paypal only supports transfer of paypal money to indian banks and not money from indian banks to paypal

now the host24 plan is gonna over in 2-3 days (bargain over)

so help me how do i put my money on it ?


Any of you guys having paypal account ?
i can transfer money to ur bank account online and instead you transfer money to my paypal account .

Help anyone ?

If you have a HDFC netbanking facility, then HDFC support Virtual Credit card, which they call "Netsafe Card".
Try these


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will i have to activate "Netsafe Card" ? extra charges ?

Thanks !

Buyed the hosting plan !

which is xD

500GB space
1TB monthly transfer
php, mysql , cpanel , fantastico , 100 domains emails databases and ffmpeg installtion !
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