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Help recover a NTFS partition

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Cyborg Agent
Hello Guys
I lost a partition of 40 GB in my 160Gb sata Hdd due to a power surge. I am not touching it can you guys help me recover it. Windows says it is a "raw" area and needs to be formatted. Actually i lost the mbr+grub these i was able to restore but i am scared to touch this area as i fear data loss.


Cyborg Agent
your signature says it all

I think your FAT is corrupted and the data is still intact

A possible solution
Attach the disk to else's comp
and use partition magic or some other softie to recover the data
But wait and let the gods of the forum answer the ques
I read that programs like Ghost can make a copy of damaged partitions - if this is true I would first make an image of this partition to an image file on another partition and then think about what corrective measures to do on the corrupt partition.
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