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i currently have a mercury motherboard 845GL . my system vendor says that i cannot add a grapfics card to it . if its true i need to buy a new motherboard which goes quite well on performance and supports a graphics card . could u please tell me what kind of motherboard i can buy and also what graphics card i can buy. my estimate for motherboard is max 4500 Rs. and for graphics card is from 4000-7000 rs.


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its difficult to say whether ur board supports it or not as there are many varients available i know one board from mercury which has an AGP slot and that is PI845GLM-AGP V1.0 ....what is ur model no...??? unless u tell us which one is ur model its difficult tosay that ....otherwise u can check urself if u have an AGP slot

if u don't have ...i would suggest u to go for ... motherbord : intel 865 gbf which is 4.8 k or gigabyte which is 4.4 k for same chipset and graphics card around 7k....... u should go for ati 9600


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Yes the 845 GL chipset doesn't support external AGP card. If you want AGP graphics card it is better to sell off this board for whatever it is worth and buy a board with AGP slot.

Since you are anyway going to get a new board, it is better to go for a board based on 865 PE chipset if you don't want onboard graphics and if you want onboard graphics too, you can go for a mobo based on 865 G chipset.In my views PE will be better, as you are going to get a graphics card anyway.

Do a little research and find out the board you want depending on the features you will prefer. I would say it is better to go for a board which offers good onboard audio, SATA in addition to usual PATA, USB-2, firewire,wi-fi,lan etc. to make it futureproof. You can get mobos from many manufacturers as ASUS, INTEL, MSI, even murcury (cheaper)will also be having something in this line. It's just a matter of a little reasearch. You should be able to get the board in the range of 4k-6k.

You can skimp a bit on your G card a bit for now and go for a GF4 FX5200 based card with 128 MB DDR, which may cost you about 4K.

I hope it helps.


Buy Intel D865GBF Motherboard.It's the best u can buy and costs Rs.5000 approx.,It has an AGP Port,Intel Extreme Graphics2 Onboard Graphics and is an ATX mobo.


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For motherboard, you can get Asus P4P800SE for around 6600/- which is based on 865PE chipset and comes with wifi card bundled.
It is a very good board.
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