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thank u imgame,wise and swatcat for ur advise. Guys u told me to buy an intel motherboard D865gbf and i have a mini ATX cabinet will i be able to fix that board on it. And one more thing does the intel D865GBF support DDR ram 333/400 mhz. this was my previous message

i currently have a mercury motherboard 845GL . my system vendor says that i cannot add a grapfics card to it . if its true i need to buy a new motherboard which goes quite well on performance and supports a graphics card . could u please tell me what kind of motherboard i can buy and also what graphics card i can buy. my estimate for motherboard is max 4500 Rs. and for graphics card is from 4000-7000 rs.


Prepare for the future with the Intel Desktop Board D865GBF, a platform that is truly a generation ahead. This ATX board features dual-channel DDR400 memory support, integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2, an AGP 8X slot, 8 USB 2.0 ports, integrated 6-channel audio, a Gigabit Ethernet connection, and next-generation storage device support.
So you have it,DDR 400 MHz support and you can not fix this mobo into Mini ATX cabinet, You have to get a new ATX cabinet which costs about Rs.1000.
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