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Help on Intel 915 GAV 6.1 Sound

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Hi all,
Anybody has installed the 6.1 speakers from the onboard slot in the Intel 915 GAV mobo........ in the mobo there is a socket for 6.1 audio out as mentioned in the user manual........ but how do i take an out from that socket.... the dealer has no idea about that and there is no such connector available in chennai for taking 6.1 out from the mobo in the market.



I have the same board and am using 2.1 config but there is only one output socket. It is your sound systems amp which will furthur distribute to the various channels.??

The onboard programme with your intel mobo cd has the software which then selects the mode in which you want to play your music, 2 channel 2.1, 5.1 and so on.

Hope this helps.
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