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I have just been given access to my dad's old Maruti Zen. :razz: Must say the car is in superb condition.

Have already done some minor changes/renovations on it. Like - Bumper Cover, seat covers, steering cover, new number plate, wheel covers, door protector etc.

The only thing left was a music system.

For head unit I have closed the option on - Pioneer MVH-1490UB - Car Head Units No doubts on this, as it fulfills all my requirements.

Now, comes the main query - Speakers? Guys, need help in choosing some good Speakers + Tweeters under 2k.

Please guide. Thanks.


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u need to increase ur budget to get perfect speakers around 2.5 k
if u can then go with Pioneer or Alpine .... which one u get in ur budget
just visit ur nearby car accessory shop....


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Most decent shops already have the head unit plugged with diff sets of speakers..hear each of them and look for the chracteristic sound ur looking for..IIRC at that budget you would be limited to 8 inch speakers(pair)
But be very clear about warranty terms and make sure they stamos the papers..many auto shops sell spurious products!
If you post this in some car forum then it would help a lot :)
And im assuming you just want 2 speakers,Sony and pioneer will surely have speakers for you,but tweeters im not sure.
Hope this helped.
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