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Help! New Samsung 2233sw blacks out on booting

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I recently got myself the sleek 'n shiny samsung 2233sw with a max. resolution of 1920X1080....
My GPU is of the Nvidia quadro family, namely the Quadro FX1500.
I had a drooling time the first couple of days on the widescreen delicacy... on full resolution.

but lately, whenever i boot my pc, the screen blacks out totally after the windows xp loading screen... i wait for a few minutes and the message pops out : "check display cable".
i push the reset button and this time round, the pc boots normally, but displays the fatal "System has recovered from a serious error" message on the desktop.

i updated the drivers of the GPU but to no avail.

It all started after the upgradation of kaspersky anti virus 7.0 (uninstalling it first) to kaspersky internet suite 2009 required a reboot. For a quick solution, i restored my pc to before the installation of KIS 2009 and instead installed KAV 2009.

The Problem still persists .... There's also a notable decrease in the pc's speed, especially while mounting stuff with powerISO

need a solution here... a brand new samsung cant go wrong like this!!:cry:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.6 Ghz
Intel DG33FB
Transcend 3 GB DDR2 Ram
Coolermaster Silent Pro M600
Nvidia Quadro FX1500


Right off the assembly line
When your screen is blacked out please take out the power cable of ur monitor and press your monitor power button for 30sec-1min.
Then put the power cable back and see if your monitor starts normally and shows the screen. If it does then you have earthing problem.:smile:


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i think the problum is definately not with your monitor. i dont think the display cable (btw are u using dvi or vga??) is the faulty one either. the default settings of ur display adaptor seem to be out of the monitor,s frequency range. please check the refresh rate that ur monitor supports and set the same in ur quadaro.. btw are u into designing and stuff. i,d like c some benchmarks for ur gfx card ,in some desingning apps., ofcourse once ur done dealin wit this .. you may also try to load default vga setttings from xp,s boot menu. and c if that works for u./


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I don't think its a problem with the frequency range, as it would have either given him "out of sync" or out of range error. Secondly his system start normally when he restarts his system, so his values for frequency has not changed. I think either he has earthing problem due to which his monitor goes into standby after windows logo when its changing the resolution of the screen or he has problem with his registry entries for his Kaspersky. But anyway we will come know when he does TS for this issue.
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deadkiss 009

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First tell what type of cable u are using, VGA or DVI.
Anyway u may try pressing the 4th button from up, that actually switches the output from VGA to DVI and vice versa and may even solve ur problem.


Right off the assembly line
Thanks for all the heads-up guys...
its been some days since since i posted this thread but the good news is that all's fine now. There is indeed nothing wrong with the monitor. Its a gem of a beauty....
no frequency errors as such.

In fact...i do believe kaspersky internet suite 8 did something with my registry... so i'm sticking with Kaspersky antivirus 8 only for now. i tinkered around with the settings of my OS after the system restore and its working fine now.

Although I would like to mention though that once the desktop loads, the monitor does blink once for a second or two though, but i'm sure its something to do with the OS (XP sp2 ...i'm looking into it currently)

@aytus: yes i'm into "designing and stuff", well mostly compositing,vfx and stuff....
i'll post benchmarks as soon as i can.

Cheers :lol:
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