Help me !! mY Hard Drive Locked...

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i used a software named Easy_Drive_Lock_4.0 it is unregistered version it has 2 files 1st one is " EasyDriveLock.exe " and 2nd one is " Unlock.exe " i used 1st one to lock my F: Drive and Bingo Its Locked the password is " F " i clicked on f drive icon and it says "F: is not Accessible Access Denied" now i goto unlock the drive i goto 1st file it says unregistered version plz register. now then i used 2nd one i took password and it says "DRIVE UNLOCK" but my drive is still locked...

i have tried lots of tricks and also finding key for easydrivelock but i am still in dark side..

at last i decide to use my most powerful weapon for this problem and the weapone is DIGIT FORUM and YOU GUYS...

So guys help me...:)


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Its that discontinued software again... there was another problem abt this I think, did you try booting in safe mode and uninstalling?


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try system restore ..... if u have it enabled & go back 2 that date .......


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do u remember if it encrypted u r drive contents or just locked it. Coz if it encrypted it and then locked it u may forget to get u r data back unless u buy it however if it only locked it then either try
1. Boot in safe mode and try to recover
2. Boot using Norton ghost 12 Bootable cd and recover the data
3. Boot using any linux live cd and recover data
4. If u happen to have a dual operating system try recovering after booting into 2nd os
5. Try to get the Hirens boot cd which will also help u boot and recover the data.



since you ar using a trial version, pl be sure to unclock your locked drive before trial expires. I had that exp with FolderLock.

Uninstall the software abd clean the registry. restart your pc. if not solved, unplug the HDD and use in other slot. [usually all mobo has two slots for HDD)
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