Help me install 120 gb HD with already 40 gb

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Hi guys i know this is the place where gonna get best suggestions
i wanna install 120 gb HD how do i do that at the same time i also want my 40 gb to work
i know which wire connects where but only thng i m confused with is the secondary primary master slave matter
plz help me
thnx in adv


If you are planning to boot from your existing HDD, then connect the new one as a slave and preferably to the middle connector of the 80-channel IDe cable (Grey colour), whereas the existing one to the Black connector at the other end.
The jumper settings for Master and Slave are printed on the HDD itself or on a Quick Installation guide if provided. Use those settings.
If you are using SATA HDDs then u'll have to configure it thru your BIOS, as from which HDD you wanna boot.
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