Help me decide on phone...

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I prefer SE.. but dont mind Nokias too.
I've to buy a new phone... chose 3... the N95 8GB, W960i or K850i.

N95 & K850i for their direct imaging & music capabilities. Of the 2... N95 might b more useful... but K850i is cuter & lighter.

W960i is a great multimedia Symbian touch-screen phone... with a 3.2 megapix camera & 8GB space. A great combo of both the above phones & more... xcept for the 3.2mpx camera & duller look.

I go for looks & quality.

What should i go for among these three... very undecisive of the three....
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If u have loads of cash.. then get the w960i..
btw u can also try the n95 8gb or the n81 8gb wen they release..
I wd prefer the n81 or n95..


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+1 w960i. wait wait wait w960i is out wow gotta get the queue
wait dude its not even out yet


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not out here... i'll get it from outside...

aks_win... i already got the 7.2mpx 12x optzoom prosumer... Sony H5...

I'm not uber-rich but dont compromise on my desires :D

So... N95 8GB? I'm thinkin to cheat on my SE :D
Can any1 divert me from the SE... what does N95 8GB have more :D


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I wd side with the n95 8gb or the n81 8gb... more so with the n81 8gb..
if u dont want a touchscreen then go for the n95 8gb ...
if u dont want a good cam either (as u already have a digicam)then go for the n81 8gb..
the w960 has a 3.2mp cam and no EDGE..also no symbian app support...
the n81 is touted to be the next ngage.. and is said to hve the loudest sound in the current gen fones...
btw all three are yet to release.. so i wd suggest that u wait till they release and see the reviews b4 getting any 1..


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dude the w960i is not out anywhre in the world, i saw in sony ericsson website it sez coming soon

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@pathiks ->You goofed up man.
Look here:*

The W960 has symbian OS.;)


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It has a symbian os but a different UI.. so all the nokia symbian apps wont work with it.. it does have specific apps but they are very less in number...


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Frankly speaking, nokia is more uesful in work and software extentions and SE is good at taking photo and music playing.

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koolbluez said:
W960i has a 3.2mpx cam... smaller screen... :(

Dude,3.2 mp camera is enough.Also it's a walkman phone and a good upgrade from your W800:D,if cam really matters then get N95 8gb:p or K850i.


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if cam matters go for n95 8GB but about music why not try 5310 or 5610 but it's s40

+1 for N95 8GB!!!
but i love the 5310 expt s40
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