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Help Me chosing a cyber cafe software

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Choto Cheeta

hay... i am looking for a cyber cafe software... i have shortlisted few... of them the CafeZee was the best choise for me... as for the budget... but just wanted to know... any one using it?? or in that budget will i be able to get any other option??

MY needs are... simple internet cafe, (browsing, printing & CD buring charge...)... no softdrink or eating stuff... should have the both prepaid & post paid option... mainlly post paid option is needed... & server should have the feature to act like a client when ever other system is busy....

any hyd guyess out there?? can u confirm that whether this company (CafeZee) does exist or not??

Sreekanth V

Did you tried cafecup? I think it is a good option for you. I didn't used it but I think last month's digit DVD has this one so you can try it.


Cyborg Agent
i am from HYD
and i have seen a lot of cyber cafes here usin CafeZee
personally, i like tht software tooo

if i remember correctly, the name of the company is Exilir solutions


Tech'ing life seriously!!
you can use cafeplus software

this soft is used in delhi at a more larger scale...

you may try it...



While you are at it, why don't you consider this sw called "Deep Freeze". Basically what this SW does is that, when you implement this software for a particular drive, any changes you make in that drive afterwards is deleated after restarting the computer. So if a customer installs a SW, IT AUTOMATICALLY GET ERASED once you restart the computer. So no need to manually uninstall the unnecessary sw. also any junk files saved on the the computer will be automatically deleated, sabing you lots of precious time of manually delaating it
Lotsa cafez using it in this part of the country


Right off the assembly line
Hi Guys...

I am Srinivas running a small internet cafe. If any body have internet cafe managing software. And which one is best for it. Please send the reply.


digit's been providing some cafe mgmt swz since the last couple of months. dun remember d names right now. will try to post the names this evening or definitle tommorow morning


kas_srinivas said:
Hi Guys...

I am Srinivas running a small internet cafe. If any body have internet cafe managing software. And which one is best for it. Please send the reply.
dun no how good they r but thety r free

IC CHIP 2005
Eficium Cybercafe SurfShop Free 1.00
Cybercafe SurfShop Free is the world's first real cybercafe freeware that offers an intuitive interface and powerful security, centralised management and reporting features.
Type: Freeware
Size: 13.4 MB
Minimum Requirement: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server
URL: www.eficium.com

Cafe Cop Desktop Edition 1.0

This is a freeware desktop utility for system administration, Internet billing, Web site blocking and filtering. It can be used for a variety of purposes and places like Internet cafés, gaming centers, homes or offices. It is a single client desktop prototype of Café Cop (shareware) which has many more features. It includes an Internet timer, report generation, application launching, system utilities and Internet Explorer security options.

Size:5.0 MB Type: Freeware


@Choto Cheeta

Yea,Sure. CafeZee is a seriously good software and I(My uncle) am a licensed customer of their product. ;)
But I don't have any idea about any other alternatives to this as I feel Its seriously the Best with all features u want :)

Chirag said:
See the date.:D
LOL..I 4got to read this post:p
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