help me buying 12.1 inch laptop

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I want to buy a laptop with 12.1 inch display. Please suggest me one. Price is an issue so plz suggest best value for money model. I’ve found zenith is cheaper compared to others in this category. Thanks.


I don't consider Zenith a very reliable brand for lappies. Thats a personal opinion. I personally will not take a Zenith.

Look for something from Dell or HP. Sony is nice, but 12.1" is more than double your budget.

When I took my lappy sometime back, I had a look at 12.1" models. I found the character sizes too small to read :( So chose a little bigger one. Ensure that you have a demo of 12.1" before you buy.


Best option around your budget is the Dell XPS 1210. Would have to extend your budget to 60k for the default config from . I am not aware of any other cheaper 12.1" notebook.

But honestly atleast a dvd writer and go7400 is a bare necessity in a laptop if its purchased now. Doesnt make much sense if its not able to run Vista in its full glory.
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