Help For Digital Camera ( Full List Included ) ??

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Hello friends,

Need help to choose a Digital camera.

Budget - Max of 13000/14000 (With 1/2 GB MemoryCards + Charger + Pouch)

Requirement - Min 6 to 8 Megapixel
Optical zoom - 3 to 6 X
Good Battery backup
Good service support & after sales in India.
Can Record Video also, with TV out if possible
Amazing Picture Clarity is MUST.

Just wondering how All weather camera ( Only available with Olympus ) helps saving camera from water / rain ?

Here are few which I heard are good & short listed after checking various sites.

Canon Powershot A630
Canon Powershot A570 IS
Canon Power Shot A710 IS
Canon S2 IS / Canon S3 IS

Kodak EasyShare C763
Kodak EasyShare C613
( I heard All Kodak cams are battery hogger, Is it True ? )

Sony DSC W55
Sony DSC W80

Olympus Stylus 740
Olympus Stylus 750
Olympus Stylus 780
(All Olympus cams are Water proof, Shock proof. Does it really help ?? Can I take pics inside water using it ? )

Would be glad if anyone can help me choose a best one.

( Please give ur opinion about any other camera in my budget from which you are really satisfied )


Tribal Boy
Using the Canon S3 IS for last 6 months or so. Not sure about the latest price. Quite satisfied with it. Default is 16 MB I think, bought 1 GB card additional. As you kow the shape of S3 IS (kinda bulky), all may not like it, but my favorite.

From the reviews etc from various sites, Canon or Sony will be better. I think this month's (or Sep, sorry not sure) Digit or PC World carried some reviews and comparision. Have a look if you get a chance.


Hey here is the aks
hey i want to sell sony w80 one month old with 1GB+ 4GB card and original sony carry case and charger and all the things which come with it..original box packed with all accessories with bill .. and also one more hard carry case...

According to my sony is best in use and service..


In the zone
One bad news

Received news from Canon India that S3IS is outdated model & they have been stocking S5 IS which ranges from 22550 to 25000 INR

& PraKs

U can go for Canon Power Shot A710 IS bet...but i guess u should be able to spend more on other accessories


There isn't much difference between S3 and S5 except 1MP rise and 2" LCD screen. They should have retained S3 IS.


Tribal Boy
Yes, I think they brought S5. PC World carried a review / comparison of digital cameras this month (October). Have a look too, I think they selected Sony as best ! I still love my S3 IS though :)


I ain't Parochial !
Hi guys, my budget is Rs 10k.
I would like to have the best for Rs 10k from Mumbai.
Can you suggest me a model.

I have shortlisted,

Canon A550
(Rs 9990; 7MP; 3x optical zoom; ISO800; 2Yrs Warranty and ViewFinder)

Sony Cybershot S650 [+1/2Gb Card]
(Rs 8800/9550; 7.2MP; 3X; ISO1000)

Sony Cybershot S700
[+1 Gb Card] (Rs 9800)

Sony W35
(Rs 11700; Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens; 7.2MP; 3X Optical Zoom; Optical ViewFinder; ISO1000)
I think! Sony offers 3years. cybershot comes with 2 years. I dont like Canon A460!
Kodak digi cams come with only 1 year warranty. Hence I didnt go for it.
I couldnt get prices for Nikon cameras.
I am not comfortable with Samsung and Pentax brands. ______________________________________________*/
Q] Plz guide me and advice me which is the best for money and best performer within Rs 10k ?
Q] Does any digi camera come with Image Stabilizer within 10k ?
Q] Is buying online from websites like FutureBazaar safe? I mean quality wise ?

Sorry guys for such a long post. I'll take care to reduce it from next time.8)
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Sony S Series is almost outdated now..

Go ahead with W series.

I have got Canon A 570 at last :) gota good deal..

Canon A 570 IS (7.1 MP), Canon Pouch, 2 GB Card, Cell + charger + 360 (6*4) printouts FREE - All For 14k

What say all ??


Sony W35 will be fine suited for you :)

plus it can be extended to 8gb



I ain't Parochial !
well thanks to all. i ave decided to buy from dubai. I am going for W55 around 10k with lot of acessories. with the amount i saved from buying there and not India, i am buying a new 250Gb HDD


I'am getting a deal on my credit card on a Canon PowerShot A550 for Rs.6000 (+ Rs.100 for delivery). They are also offerring Nikon Coolpix L11 & L12. But I did some research and found that the Canon A550 is a better camera and would thus like to buy it. I just wanted to know it is worth buying for that price?




I'am not a photographer and I'am upgrading from a Sony Ericsson k790i cybershot phone to a digital camera. I really have no idea about digital cameras and their prices. Hence I was trying to find out if this was a good deal or not?
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