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Help!!! CPU Multiplier gone crazy

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i read this month issue and about the topic OVERCLOCKING in the Computing Mag of the DIGIT December issue.

My PC Configuration is:
Pentium D 925 3.00 Ghz ,800Mhz FSB
2x1 GB DDR2 @ 667 MHz (Kingston) Ram
ASUS P5GZ-MX (945 Chipset) Motherboard
160 GB Hard Disk
Jetway Graphic Card (Nvidia 7300LE 256 MB)
Matrix Cabinet with 400 Watt SMPS
and some miscellenous stuff

I have a benchmark utility i.e. Lavasoft EVEREST which shows the following results after a minor overclock of 10 MHz in CPU FSB speed.


My probem is that the CPU Clock speed which is 3000 Mhz is being showed 2519.9 Mhz before overclocking at CPU FSB speed of 200 Mhz the CPU Clock Speed showed 2399.9 Mhz !!
Why is that?
And also after some intervals the multiplier jumps to 15.0x from 12.0x which increases the CPU Clock Speed to 3159 Mhz after overclocking and before overclocking it showed 3000 Mhz at the time of multiplier change.
What is happening to my PC plz someone tell me???

this is a Screenshot of my voltages

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I dont know about PD's but most intel procy's have Speed Step Enabled.
Check in the Bios if there is a value EIST and disable it. That should solve your jumping multi.


Livin my Dreams
Yes i'll try that!!!


I have disabled the speed step option in the BIOS but to no avail!!!!!
PLz Help
I have noticed that the multiplier comes up when i put load on the processor like minimize and maximize a window it stayed at 15x but when i stoped minimizing and maximizing a window it again returned 12x multiplier.
I seriously need some assistance!!!
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I have exactly the same same CPU.
Just disable Speed Step & C1E Enhanced halt state in bios :D
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