Help buying an external 1 tb hard drive!


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Hey folks!

I just got a 120 gb sata 3 ssd ( Corsair Force 3 GT), and have been enjoying the boot times and the epic responsiveness of my system. The only problem is the size :C
I really need an external 1 tb drive now, fast enough to play games/movies from it directly and shouldn't be requiring external power supply . I'll be connecting it via the USB 3.0 port. So keep the suggestions coming...


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Get WD Passport of 1TB capacity.

:agreed: WD My Passport 1TB External Hard Disk - Buy WD Hard Drive Online @ Lowest Prices

i recently bought it from here are pics:



Capacity :930 GB
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Why So Serious ???
Guys... OP is asking a external HDD "fast enough to play games"....
What will be the performance dirrenece when playing a games from USB3.0 HDD than on an internal SATA HDD ?
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