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Help buying a new speaker system


Los7 Cau53
Hi fellow digitians I am planning to buy a 5.1 speakers.
My budget is 5k.
I saw models from zebronics,creative and logitech.
Many people saying that creative inspire series is bad , are they right?
I think Logitech X540 is good or are there any other good speakers that fit in my budget.

Any suggestions would be nice :)

And can i use this speakers with my dell laptop ? or a sound card is a must ?
.It has only 1 headphone jack.


Besides your budget, a lot depends upon your room dynamics also. A decent speaker set will sound good in a small room also while a big speaker set won't sound good at ll in a small room.
Since u will be using along with a laptop, I suspect your room is small. In that case better go for Altec Lansing or Creative.
Creative has Inspire M5300 in that price range and Altec Lansing has VS3251E in that region. As for Inspire being bad, I am using Inspire T6060 for past 4 years without any complaints.
If your laptop allows connecting 3 inputs and has Jack retasking then no need for extra soundcard but if it has only Line In and Line out port then better get a 2.1 setup and moreover for music and movies 2.1 is good. 5.1 is needed only when u want some really immersive gameplay or watching high def movies with multi channel audio.


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Logitech X540 would be the best 6 channel speakers within 6K price range. I would also recommend MMS 460 and Creative T6160 after it.
And nope, you cant use X540 with your laptop unless and until you've external 6 channel sound card. You can only connect X540 to you laptop in stereo mode.
There is this one model, which are highly suitable for laptop users demanding 6 channel audio. Its Altec Lansing FX5051, costing around 10K. However it is out of budget.
You might wanna reconsider your choice buddy.
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