Heard of EBiz(ebizel.com)... Earn and learn

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my next door neighbour in hostel is doing this shitty stuff. also tried to lure me. told him to f-off.


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mr. i can't told u there is no bebat in ebiz but my dear tell me one think
there is many people give an institution for P.D. , communication skkils, presantion.
great amount like 10 to 15000
yes or not, my dear but in ebiz they get all things in only 7000\-
tell me an other thing if i tell u sell my product n i give u some money
that's wrong. no my dear that's not because that ur own openion there is two type of thoughts
positive n negative
think positive if ur thing there is only defat ur wrong
ru a bilder made up ur mind n think " har koi to bill gates nahi ba sakta, magar kab tak , jab tak wo khud naa chahe ok.
don't think im a ebizzer so i told u all thouse things
1 year pehle tak ebizzer tha phi bhi aaj tak kehta hu with proud im ebizzer ok
my intro is
vipul gupta , age- 21 y, B.A. 1st year student n A network marketor, ajmer Rajasthan.

go f()ck urself... u spammer...

we know how this works...

u fraud !!!!

dont spoil the young minds....


dont focus on all these rediculous things..they r all fake...sab bakwas hai...u ll loose all ur money...if u hav enough money then invest it in something which is worth investing..


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There is no way to earn free money...
Or maybe there is with the likes of Google adsense and freelancing...
soo unless u wrk hard to get it u aint gettin it!!
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