Heard of EBiz(ebizel.com)... Earn and learn

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I would like to thank the thread starter for asking the question. I was spoken to today regarding eBiz. I did not bite as I did not think that it was worth investing; I only saw this thread now; all my knowledge of PCs has come through reading books (most of them fat ones :p ) , This thread is an eye opener. Thank you all once again.

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See guys I'm a little on neutral side over this issue
Regarding the comments made by Sukhdeep Singh I'll say thathe's hosting a site that is in competition with Ebiz so probably he's pretty harsh
Another point I'll like to say is that schemes have a way of sustainment but without any product but they are offering some services (its just a fact)
For those shouting over Pyramid Schemes please read as ebiz claims itself 2 be (rather many of them now like DewSoft & more


I'll agree to atleast 1 fact that this is probably easiest way to start a business (taking it frm dat pt. of view) as these are the ones making people rich @ fastest rate worldwide.

But here's a warning to all
"There is no free money"

What people generally think after joining such things is to get rich the second day
I don't say that you can't but remember "There is no free money"

Their systmes are based on efficiencies that may let you do no work @ some level but be prepared in case it doesn't workout

For all those who say this is available on net for free then I think VTC & Lynda.com should've been closed by now

Basically its they way you think what you can do :D


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^^yeah the bad thing is that people promote it by saying that its so easy to do and earn.

But believe me, like other business it needs hard work and perseverance . For me business is out of question now, neither I like corporate world. But thats what I learned after 21 years.

While as i said before that my friend is still in it, he do ring to me in a while and talk like we used to. If friends are for real then nothing can separate that friendship. Yep, I chose to walk out of this business, blame it on my laziness or unwillingness to delve into business world. There is more to this precious life than business.


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The last 4-5 tiers of the chain will always lose money. And the 2-3 tiers before that will have to slog like idiots to gain theirs. Only those on the top will gain. This is BS.


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K, how much did you earn anything in this? Was it worth the time you invested? I know people who run around all day trying to get people under them in ebizel.


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^^nope i din't earn a penny. The reson: I walked out of it purposely. Call me fool or call me lucky, nevermind.
But yeah my friend who is just one level up from me earned a lot and still earning. his colleagues too are earning.

Yes its worth the time you invested because you don't invest that time after a year or so hard work. Everything goes to automatic. Consider it as a royalty income.

regarding what you said that the person at top becomes riches and the lower ones never go up. So the restriction here is that you cannot have more than 1lac earning for a week, even if you are bound to be earning 6lacs per week. The rest of the money goes to central office and is taken care of.

But mind you its godfather. once you are in business its business and you may lose your innocent memories.


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There are bound to be more loosers than gainers in this IMO, because at one level it will reach a saturation point. A lot of people right at the bottom of the pyramid will never have anyone below them.
I am not again MLM, rather I find it a good concept but it should deliver some product/service of real value for not too much extra cost. This is where e-biz fails big time. The product/service they sell costs a very small fraction and they return high for the marketing. A good and honest MLM scheme will deliver service/products of higher value but that will automatically mean lower returns on the marketing part, thus making it less lucrative but IMO, more sustainable.


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^^Agree. IMO businesses are more or less doing the same, just that we don't realize until we dig deeper into it. Practically all of them earn by letting someone to lose.
But that saturation point will be related to economy downfall.


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Well I for one finds it to be a way of duping people to dupe others and the cycle continues.


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Its sort of viral marketing
My parents went for something similar after listening to some reiki master(F!@*#ING !@%^#!@^), and lost over 50000 bucks :mad:


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Well I for one finds it to be a way of duping people to dupe others and the cycle continues.
you dont dupe when u drink pepsi


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Hi T,
Lemme quote myself on this topic from this thread

Just lemme tell u how these bullshit companies run

step 1> U join and somehow managed somemore people to join under u.
step2> U'll be given ur due i.e. 2.5k at d end of d month......
step3> ur frnds who has joined wid u will c it and think thats no fraud and will convince more people to join
step3> they'l get their share
step4> more people joining..........
in all these steps remember everyone joining is payin 10k, so, if 5 people join investment=50k, according to rule only u and one of ur frnd will get reward=5k......left 45k...........this 45 will be increasing with more people joining..............wen they would feel dats enough money dey have collected.............u won't find them from nxt day..............

In between share of money..........not providing new joinees receipt(which means the payment doesn't have proof n d cash goes in someone's pocket)............someone will be duping d masters before they think of it............

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I too have been troubled by some colleagues on ebiz. I did not even bothered to hear their plans and policy. This is CRAp.


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I would rather make a team of 11-15. Not to mention, not everyone who joins it like to lead. The the reason why most of them never make it to and joins the criticizer group. Yes it should be criticized as its just a frikkin business and me so hates business.

If you don't help the ones below you then its complete stupidity. IMO one should work till one year, then may be he can relax or do some other job.

Stop it here now, or else this thread will run for miles.

Lastly, its just business like other businesses. Its dirty with money, with unfair struggle and all kind of evils you can associate. But at the end its a business...lolz.

NOTE: Though there is one non-business side too, which do not involve any money making but educating people. But no one care for such plan as in that plan you wont get bucks for educating masses.


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Yaar BTW what these LIC insurance agents do
WTF They too do the same (but now its ur lfy @ sake :D)
But the fact is people as soon as see the 2,4,6,8 scenario say it pyramid (they shout till others start shouting like them)

If ebiz isn't an effective business model that it would've gone by now

For all making issue of charges just recheck how much you give to LIC
See its a simple thing of taking taking a small sum of what you may call as commission just the fact is its a little more in this case probably because it is made so


mr. i can't told u there is no bebat in ebiz but my dear tell me one think
there is many people give an institution for P.D. , communication skkils, presantion.
great amount like 10 to 15000
yes or not, my dear but in ebiz they get all things in only 7000\-
tell me an other thing if i tell u sell my product n i give u some money
that's wrong. no my dear that's not because that ur own openion there is two type of thoughts
positive n negative
think positive if ur thing there is only defat ur wrong
ru a bilder made up ur mind n think " har koi to bill gates nahi ba sakta, magar kab tak , jab tak wo khud naa chahe ok.
don't think im a ebizzer so i told u all thouse things
1 year pehle tak ebizzer tha phi bhi aaj tak kehta hu with proud im ebizzer ok
my intro is
vipul gupta , age- 21 y, B.A. 1st year student n A network marketor, ajmer Rajasthan.


Okay if somebody wish to join this ****ing company
then I have some advise to them
Before joining, ask your introducer that I want to see the FTC certificate, because ebizel(**** thing) is not registered with FTC
and all the tutorials are freely available on net and one more thing , they claim to give their course to only who are 10th pass then how come illetrate people are joining it. I have so many things to say
if you have answers to just these two question, then tell
forget all the can do or can not do debate.
My sole question is about its activities
They only boast about it but they do not have any proof
So is there anybody who can dare to say that ebiz(again the **** thing) is legal to work with. Few of its promoters(self proclaimed proud ebizzers) were arrested in Andhra Pradesh.

Ebiz sucks a big time and in a big way

if anybody wish to earn money without any investment , they can contact me on this forum
and mind u , i am not offering 24 lakhs in one year, because i will not be robbing someone of his pocket
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