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Health and Fitness Thread V1: 100% Adrenaline


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My schedule from next week onwards.

08:30:00 AM Wake Up
08:45:00 AM Lemon + Honey
09:30:00 AM Breakfast ( Brown Bread + Muesli + 2 Eggs + Sausages + 1 Glass of Milk )
11:30:00 AM Pre Workout Shake
12:00:00 PM Workout
01:30:00 PM Post Workout Shake
03:00:00 PM Lunch ( Rice + Roti + Dal + Curd )
05:00:00 PM Juices + Fruits
08:00:00 PM Juices + Fruits
10:00:00 PM Dinner ( Roti + Dal )
12:00:00 AM Snacks ( Bread with Cheese )
02:30:00 AM Sleep ( 1 Glass of Milk )

Finally managed a schedule, would be able to stick with .. have to figure out a meal plan .. as i'll have to have my lunch and dinner at office.. so I'll have to eat what's available in the office cafeteria (which is mostly un-edible )

Any thoughts or suggestions for the plan..


^about reducing weight...... stop sitting idle on a chair for god's sake, atleast go drink a glass of water / climb the stairs / go to toilet once in every hour. :pullhair:

and try to be on fiber diet, stuff those have less digestive stuff and more fiber. may be that will help. but really said, i have not met a single person who lost weight just like that. :mrgreen:


^ this too..

If you guys are not having much time for exercise in the morning, Climbing/jogging up and down the stairs of your apartments is also another good option.

Always perform some stretching of arms/legs/back/neck before starting exercises to loosen up the muscles or you might face cramping.

Other exercises that can be done at home :

1. push ups ( 5-10 push ups per set in a 3set regime for beginners )
2. Crunches ( same as push ups )
3. squats ( 10-15/set in a 3set regime for beginners)

Recently, i tried the no-breakfast regime for about a month..It definitely was helping in reducing my weight, but it also resulted in fatigue and also,( maybe because i was hungry :p ) i used to be easily annoyed or irritated before having lunch... :/ Hence, i stopped the no-breakfast rule. :D


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a senior in my office lost 10-12 kg in 4 months by following a diet of eating only chicken and ghee and herbal tea :D


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BTW.. The packaged wheat we get in markets is it bad? My colleague suggested that I get wheat and get it ground in a flour mill and use that.


The Mighty Unkel!!!
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[MENTION=20614]Faun[/MENTION] If I continue my life style then I would be in trouble in a few year. cutting down weight and being fit is just the first step.


The Linux Guy
Joined boxing coaching. Made to do some intense physical exertion for about an hour. Some tips to [STRIKE]avoid[/STRIKE] minimize soreness, stiffness and pain ?


yup ! are u eating well ?

for continuous fighting and eating lots of punches on head/face, u need high bone density, so eat eggs, milk on regular basis. or u will get simply doomed. :D

and for any kind of fighting, movement and feet work is very important. do squats 100-200 nos, 3-4 times a week - sit slow to the lowest pos, let the thighs feel ur bodyweight, and then rise fast, like a spring. don't do weighted squats much or ur legs may get heavy and sore. this is kind of opposite bodybuilding routine, but not totally,

they day when u have practice, do some cardio in the morning - jogg/run/squats/standing run for 10 mins + stretching, this will let u build up energy & flexibility for the evening.

eat healthy, stay healthy to get into the ring, but one doesnt always come out of the ring as healthy ...... well, have they broken ur nose yet ? :D
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The Linux Guy
Its in the morning, alternate days, before school. And sparring is fine, I can always hold my own. And yes, I did break my nose back in 2012, doing boxing (then had one year gap, now resuming). Pure veg diet. I eat lots of sprouts, milk, and home-made food.

And I'm talking about post-workout pain/stiffness/soreness. Like the stuff that comes after running a few rounds in the ground, ~50 pushups, ~50 crunches, and a few rounds with the coach and the punching bag (all that in under 75 minutes).


practice, if u run 10 mins continuous everyday, u will get used to it.

or start playing football with friends for 1 hr in a half or quarter sized ground. footballers are masters of stamina holders.

pushup/crunches will come with practice, no other way there.



Joined boxing coaching. Made to do some intense physical exertion for about an hour. Some tips to [STRIKE]avoid[/STRIKE] minimize soreness, stiffness and pain ?

maybe icebags could help ease the soreness (⌐■_■)


started going back to gym again after 3 months of break
I had lost 4KG weight during this time but looked like I had lost 10kg. Everyone at the gym was shocked. They were like, dude, what happened to you and I wwas like o_O!


Will resume gymming soon as exams are about to get over. I look like I've lost muscle but weight is the same.
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