Headphones loose conn rectification help

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I only use headphones no speakers coz if use speakers my parents will know i am playing games. Always the headphones cause these problems
1. One side of headphone stops working. It works only when the wire at some angle or the pug i sput in certain position
2. Later it completely stops working
3. the other side gets the same problem

I have 9 such headphones. I don't know ehre to get it repaired. So can anyone give an advice.


Cyborg Agent
get the wire and the conector checked this happens because the wire breaks and makes random contact solution is to get the wire replaced and connection in the stereo jack checked


Right off the assembly line
lol i have same problem, What i did was twist the wire near the headphone into a loop, works perfectly :)
Btw you have frontech headphone?


Broken In
I too had the same problem with a couple of my headphones - it is unlikely that the wire became lose at the connector jack ( as it usually stays in the same fixed position plugged in the soundcard socket )

Rather , I found 2 other areas to be problematic - 1 is the connection between the wire and the headphone - sometimes gets solved by coiling the wire just around the headphone - so that the joint experiences a lesser pull
2nd is the volume control provided on some headphones ( like on intex and frontech headphones ) - I gradually adjusted the volume control till I got acceptable sound quality and now use software to change the volume instead ...
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