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HDD failure: repire possible ??? 1 TB or 2TB internal HDD


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Hi friends ,
I have problems with my 3 year old(warranty expired) 500 GB Seagate internal HDD. from past 6 months its performance was showing inconsistency. now it's about to crash. each time Windows is started it shows an error like "HDD is being inaccessible please create a backup. Drives not being accessible are C:\ D:\ E:\ F:\." But after that I can access my contents from HDD normally untill now. is my HDD about to crash?? should I buy a HDD now and replace it?? is any repair possible?? as current HDD prices are too High to buy one for me. but I have to no other choice but to buy one. please suggest which option I should go for considering money factor :
1. 1 TB or 2 TB internal HDD
2. flipkart or Nehru Place
3. Seagate or WD
4. USB 2.0 or 3.0 . (my configuration is 3 year old. motherboard Intel DG35EC. will it support USB 3.0???)

please specify HDD(best for money) with model no. and price.
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1. Go for 2TB as cost/GB will be lesser
2. Compare the flipkart prices with local price and go for the lowest
4. Intel DG35EC does not support USB 3.0


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ok I will go for 2TB WD internal HDD with usb 2.0 . will anyone suggest the HDD which is worth for money.


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Yes. I also have same Motherboard which has USB 2.0 port.
but USB 3.0 device will still work with USB 2.0 as they are backward compatible.
(but you didn't get USB 3.0 speed)
btw which USB 3.0 device you want to use?
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