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You can perform "Thorough" scan in ScanDisk in Windows 98 or in Win2000 and above, go to Command prompt, and type chkdsk/r and press ENTER.
These two methods find bad sectors and repair them (repairing a bad sector means trying to extract the data present in that bad sector).

And there are many third party tools which perform similar functions like Unistall DiskRepair.

And almost all HDD manufactures have their own tools to test the Drives and recover data from bad sectors, you can search your HDD manufacturer's site for the tools.


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@justhink : If by 'repair' you mean actually repairing the bad sector so that it can be used again, the answer is no.

Some viruses and software errors can cause a sector to appear bad when it isn't actually so. Otherwise, a bad sector has become physically bad and unfit for storing data.

There are tools that will hide the bad sectors. But they just hide them from showing up as 'bad'. They don't actually repair them.

The amount of space taken up by bad sectors is normally very small compared to the total amount of space. So the space gained by repairing bad sectors would be very small anyway.

When the hard disk is nearing the end of its useful life, the number of bad sectors may increase rapidly, and may even take up an appreciable amount of space. In such cases, it's high time the whole drive is changed.


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I think u cannot actually repair the bad sector, but u can always patch it so that, the OS does not write the files into those particular sectors again...

Just try 'Sea Tools' from Seagate.. it did teh magic for me...



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A "bad sector" usually refers to a portion of your HDD whose data can't be read because of physical damage. And FYI, hardware problems usually can't be solved by software.

You can "lock" these bad sectors tho. Each HDD manufacturer has their own tools to do so. Check your HDD manufacturer's website.
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