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Has this happened to you yet?


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Guys, I 'thought' I had a weird problem with my logitech Key+Mouse MK250 wireless combo but it turned out to be something completely different. The problem is with several special characters which are typed in combination with shift key. For e.g: I get " when I press shift+@ and vice versa. Also shift+3 gives me £ instead of hash which is not to be found through any key combo. Back slash is missing too. I'm running licenced Win 7 ultimate which I activated using a VLK that I'm allowed to use. While I was thinking of replacing the keyboard I happened to install the same operating system on a HP mini using the same installer file but differen VLK and presto!!!!! The HP Mini which had no keys issues running on an unlicenced Win 7 Ultimate started replicating the same keyboard errors. Is there anyone here who can shed some light on the situation. Moderators perhaps?
Thanks in advance!
Change ur language and regional settings to English US.. It must be set to UK. UK keyboards have different settings for few keys.
Shift+2 -- > " instead of a regular @ .
Shift+3 -- > £ instead of a regular #


Broken In
Thanks lot swatkat & alok. Problem solved by changing the keyboard layout to English(India)!! Lol! Swear to god I went looking for keyboard layout and thought English(UK) should be fine and left it unchanged! Sometimes, ignorance is not bliss :p

P.s: hey swatkat, thanks for reminding me of one of my favourite cartoon series of yesteryear.. :) I guess i'll download the series.
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