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Handycam storage formats

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Broken In
Suppose I purchase a DVD-handycam, will it give me the output that can be played directly on the DVD player,or it will just store the raw footage on that DVD,that can be edited later.If it stores the vedio in .DAT format(i.e MPEG-2/4) will it be editable later( by some free software).Because when I try to edit my marriage CD the Vedeo file does not open in Window movie maker or VirtualDub.But the casettes are .avi files uncompressed,easily editable.


i think it will save in .avi format which can be viewed on any dvd player. the .avi file can be easily imported into the windows movie maker for later editing..

Choto Cheeta

nope... as far as i know... DVD Handy Cams store in normal MPEG 2 DVD code... not in AVI... files will be in VOB

any DVD player will be able to play the Disks...

about editing... u can edit any type of video with pro editing software...
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