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H.264 Acceleration for Geforce 6 & 7 series now released

Discussion in 'Hardware Q&A' started by gxsaurav, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. gxsaurav

    gxsaurav Guest

    Nvidia has just released their new version of forceware 84.12 drives, & purevideo codecs, which finaly enable the long awaited HD Video decoding capability, on any media player, which supports H.264

    the 3 main media players which will benifit from this is Nero showtime, WinDVD 7 & PowerDVD 6 latest, as they are launch partners. Since Quicktime is already using Core video technology to decode the video stream in gfx card, it is also supposed to benifit a lot.

    It's possible to decrese the decoding capability upto 50%, even of 1080p video, as long u have good enough clock speed & power in your card. so if u can overclock a 6600GT to 800 MHz core :D u can decode 1080p easily, at stock it will decode it but cpu usage will be high still. at 720, upto 50% decrese is expected as shows by nvidia in a recent electronic expo demo

    U can download the new Nvidia drivers from here, although these drivers support many gfx card, don't expect H.264 decoding in any gfx card other then geforce 6 & 7 series, that too when purevideo codec is used. This finally gives a reason to upgrade to Geforce 7 series

    Nvidia Purevideo




    Keep in mind these drivers are beta, so they might kill your system, so be cautious with it
  2. ashnik

    ashnik New Member

    Oct 11, 2005
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    off topic :
    i have 5200/128 MB AGP 8x card. Should i install NVidia purevideo? What would i gain?

    Win XP pro+ sp2+autopatcher
    AMD 1800+
    512 MB ddr 333
    160 GB seagate
  3. OP

    gxsaurav Guest

    u won't benifit from anything, even i have an FX 5900XT which is 18 months old
  4. OP

    gxsaurav Guest

  5. OP

    gxsaurav Guest

    just got my hands on a 6600GT, 128 MB RAM, not baught though

    The procedure

    Instal NVIDIA 84.12 drivers

    Instal WMP 10

    Instal DXVA hotfix

    Instal DRM update

    Install Nvidias Pure Video decoder

    To set up the VMR follow these steps

    1. Launch Windows Media Player
    2. Click on Tools > Options on the menu bar
    3. Click on the Performance tab
    4. Click on the Advanced button

    File Playback Video mixing renderer mode: check “Use video mixing renderer� and “use high quality mode�

    DVD-Video playback Video mixing renderer mode: check “Use video mixing renderer� and uncheck “Use overlays�

    Check that pure video is the default codec with this handy tool

    If you get black & white screens with green stripe when play video select "Use overlays" under "File Playback".
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