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Guyz hows Nokia 7710??????

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In the zone
Hey guyz, hows 7710?? Well one of my cousins wants to go for it. Should he go for it?? Well his budget is till 20k. He won't go for k750i, the walkman series, 6630, 6680,6681, N-series. He wants to try something different.......


D PrankMaster
7710 is a nice phone..
slow cpu
less availabilty of softwares.

very large screen--->awesomme multimedia experience
very neatly built

for 20k he can also try O2 mini.
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Broken In
i don't recommend n7710. it's a large phone with a slow processor. It has only 1 megapixel camera with small zoom. The picture clarity is not good. Try to get the n3250 or samsung-d600 or Motorola V3x for 20k.


Wise Old Owl
7610 has poor music quality an compared to 6681 or even 6630.(dun even compare with SE). Also dun support EDGE nd only 1mp camera nd quality is not upto the mark. Also relatively slower proc than 6630 and 6681.
the proc speed goes on the order
6600<7610<6630<6680/81<n70<3250 nd so on....
3250 is a different phone ie a music phone with a 2mp camera nd big screen(than w800i). It comes with good quality earplugs nd is much diff from other phones(but not 3230 nd they are only similar in looks nd 3250 delivers quiet a punch).


Wise Old Owl
Its sloooow .... coz the processor is not good enough to handle the touch screen .. if he wants something diff. then tell him to get a O2 Atom ...


D PrankMaster
O2 atom would be far beyond his budget!!!
tell him to go for O2 mini or something frm i-mate....
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