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Guys M planning to build Pc nd budget is 50k to 60k INR


Right off the assembly line
Yea I would like to play recent games nd future games at least mid settings nd yes I do sum software related to mechanical like... Autocad, solid works, pro-e... Yea, my budget is 50k but let's goes till 60k INR no problems but the whole stuffs have to come below 60k only.. nd over clock, lol actually I don't know to do overclock but someone help me out... at least I ll try but I won't try till 12 months maybe I ll try after an years coz I don't like brick my Pc within one year, I prefer latest version of Microsoft now Windows 8.1 nd future upcoming os... Yea, I live in Chennai, India... In Chennai we got one place it's called richi Street so we ll get electronic stuffs cheap as well so lemme ask rates nd warranty there nd sure I ll check price in online too ( I trust flipkart coz I brought some stuff n flipkart).. I 1tb is enough but I need more space further lemme buy external hard disk... Yea I like to go with 21 inch... nd I don't have any components at my home actually M new to build Pc I neva build Pc before... Planning to buy coming month first week...
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