Guys help me out with this PSU

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am getting a x1950GT Agp card for my comp
it says u need 30A on +12v rail

But some forum guys specified 26A is enough

Please plz suggest me a PSU which gives out 26A on +12v a cheaper ones i dont wanna go for Antec/Cooler Master already i ve burned my pocket

400W+ meanwhile ..... plzzzzzzzzz


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Zebronics 500W which costs approx 2k shud suffice.Although its not exactly 'recommended'
Ideally go for Seventeam 500W which costs 3.5k, excellent PSU.


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you should have posted this in hardware section.

30A on a single +12v rail is very hard to find.Try to get a PSU with dual +12v rail.
Dude be ready to spend some hard carh for good quality smps( a min. of 3k or so)
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